1862 was an active year for the KGC

I was watching this video on the Minnesota Sioux Uprising and my ears perked up when he mentioned that the Sioux had been coerced by the British and Southern Sympathizers to take action against the settlers.


The Sioux, a sovereign nation that was set up by the interests of the KGC working within the Indian Bureau of Affairs system starving and stealing from them then offering them a seductive carrot when they were presented with arms to create a military action that would force more Northern troops off the battle front between north and south and bring them out to the frontier to deal with the manufactured uprising.

The Sioux nation I feel for as they were all but pawns in intrigue.  38 were hung as a result.  Abraham Lincoln lessened the number from over 300 to 38, but to this day the very same interests that created this tragedy criticize one of our greatest Presidents for this action.  With over 1000 settlers killed and 300 or more in custody, 38 were sacrificed to appease the very interests that created this dilemma in their effort to thwart salvation of the union.

The Sovereign Nation of the Ojibwe’s leader, Hole in the Day, struck a brilliant deal instead of taking military action that can honestly be considered one of the most brilliant acts of diplomacy known to this nation.  It was a risky gamble but his show of force when the United States was already facing a mighty Sioux Nation on top of the Civil War lead to concessions that his people still enjoy today.  There is no doubt that Hole in the Day was faced with similar pressures from the United States Government and the interests of the KGC in the British, Southern Sympathizers, KGC inside the administration in the Indian Bureau of affairs.  It is a testament to the brilliance of Hole in the Day’s keen sense of Temerity to pull off such a coup.


We know that the KGC was instrumentally infiltrated the Indian Bureau of affairs and with the 1862 Sioux uprising we know they were very active in Minnesota.  It should not be a surprise to anyone that there are KGC cache sites through out the lands the Mighty Sioux and Brilliant Ojibwe once defended, hunted, and grew their great nations.

They say that war is hell and I believe that is an understatement.  In Probing History back to 1862 we find a political landscape and international intrigue of conflicting interests that lead to what can only be considered an enormous tragedy for both the 38 Sioux who were hung, many being innocent and over 1000 settlers who came to this great state to assist building a nation.  The KGC just like today was instrumental in manufacturing this tragedy for their own self interest deceiving and squeezing the Mighty Sioux nation into taking actions they would of otherwise not taken.  Hole in the Day chose a different strategy and because of that I now know that I want to learn more about this great leader.  How did he see the lay of the landscape so clearly?  What gave him the wisdom to gamble and in the end be justified with the outcome?

Since my family came to this nation in 1866 I feel as if I don’t have a horse in this race.  Maybe it gives me the ability to distance myself from the raw nerves that are still present today.  While I have an opinion of who is at fault here in 1862, I can’t say that one player in this game was right or wrong as they were all working within their time and own interests.  It saddens me yet, does not surprise me that the KGC infiltration was so great as to be able to cover for the criminal activity of those entrusted with the welfare of the Sioux Nation after a deal had been struck.  Yet we see this in all aspects of our government today.  The misuse of power and government seems to be norm rather than the exception.

I can’t lay blame in the Sioux for reacting to their treatment and trying to rectify the situation as well as I can lay blame on the settlers that were slaughtered and demanded some justice for the action even if they were only given 38 instead of all those in custody.  I can see that Abraham Lincoln was in an impossible situation and applaud him for only sacrificing 38 instead of all those detained that numbered over 300.  I really marvel at Hole in the Day’s shrewd temerity and I think his people would agree that out of all of the players in this action his was the most ideal.  I can’t even lay blame at the KGC as I understand the British Merchant and Southern interest.  I personally don’t agree with the KGC and their methods but like it is said, war is hell and especially in probing history of 1862, it is an understatement!

The political landscape today is just as murky.   One thing that I hope you understand that these same interests are alive and well.  The power structure is different as the Ojibwe and Sioux are no longer on the battle front, but they are still being utilized as we all are today.  Many of us find ourselves in similar situations that the mighty Sioux nation found itself, while others feel they can negotiate the troubled waters as Hole in the Day did for his people through these troubled times.  In Probing History we discover great examples of Temerity and tragedy in the choices that were made.  Because of these choices the pain and anger created out of the actions are still just as real today as they were back in 1862.  In hunting relic and treasure it is important that we share the stories recovered so that one and all that are graced with this knowledge can make informed decisions today that lead us into a more promising future.


Excitement is Building for the 2013 hunt season

Do you see what I see?

Estes Brook Hill 016


I usually don’t share images of finds on current hunt sites but since this research season is dragging on I thought I would tease you a bit with this great stone monument that I have to look forward too recovering, digging and researching here in 2013.  It is damn fantastic and just one of many great stone monuments on this property.  It is very similar to the 200 rock fish effigy I discovered on the 4 private wood lot acres next to Kensington Runestone Park in Douglas County, Minnesota, but so much better.

I am simply going a bit nuts with cabin fever here awaiting the hunt season.  There are so many great sites to hunt and recover that sites story.  I just pray that I can accomplish it all in this very aggressively planned hunt season.

Stone Fish Effigy Found on 4 acres of private Land Near Kensington Runestone Park Reveals more

dolphin stone effigy

I did not realize this until this next break through until just recently.  It is research season here at the Grizzly Groundswell headquarters, I am in my Grizzly Den and I am reviewing the finds and clues I have documented in 2012.

I am even going through the Kensington site finds although that site always opens up old wounds that never seem to heal.  But the other day I was looking at the gps layout of the stone fish effigy I discovered on the 4 acres of private land that is just North East and adjacent to the temple mound hill that is shared with the Olaf Ohman farmstead.

I realized that the stones not only plot out a fish effigy but also give us more signs, symbols and code clues to the giant KGC cache site that blankets Minnesota if not this entire nation.  Do you see the cross?  If you do, tell me where is this cross pointing?  Also, do you see the “33”?  Now how about the “Y” that comprises the fish effigies tale?

Well, I am not going to reveal any more at this time.  However, for the layman these are signs, symbols and code for Outlaw Cache as well as Ancient treasure.  The only way to tell the difference is to dig up the historic story then share it.  If you live anywhere here in Minnesota, you are sure to catch the trail, just look in your Grizzly Backyard!