What is Cooking in the Grizzly Kitchen in 2013

If you have been following my blogs you would know that I am working on some TV or Webisode Concepts. These relic and treasure concepts are taking shape pretty quickly here. In fact some are really coming together and even surprising myself with how they are coming together.  Each concept should have 6 episodes ready to air this Fall or early Winter.   A brief overview of what I have cooking.

cropped-7724221042_5408c26919_o.jpgTemerity Mag or Temerity Magazine is the latest creation that I am probably the most excited about.  It has had a long history evolving from a Conservative political magazine uniting Conservative bloggers and authors across this nation to one that united relic and treasure hunters across the world together and provided them a platform to launch their efforts.  Well, that strategy, while it served the “cause” it did little to accomplish my goals although we did share in great success and a handful of victories.  Now, Temerity Magazine gets an extreme makeover and will match my vision for relic and treasure hunting, the hobby and industry like no other product.  I can’t give you the nitty gritty details because I am sick and tired of having others with greater resources copy my effort and beat me to the punch.

I can give you a bit of a hint though.  My two inspirations are Paul Harvey and Norman Rockwell.  I am not sure how the relic and treasure audience will accept the changes but I am so damn excited about it that it will not dissuade me even if I end up loosing all my readers I have worked so hard to build all these years.  I do want to thank all the great authors that had Temerity and took advantage of the platform I built for them in the past.  With every issue it was so humbling to weave together these great authors works.  I will miss that, but one thing I have learned through this process is that I can always count on my effort as flawed and hit or miss as it is.  With my schedule changes and my business really in need of a different direction, these formats just work best for me.  I feel my readers will be rewarded as well.

Outhouse-Architectural-PlansProbing History is the next best project I have in the kitchen.  I am glad I am only shooting for 6 episodes though this year.  My hunt site demands won’t let me get to the 22 or more privy digs.  6 privy digs are already lined up for this hunt season and I am counting on each one being an episode, but I may have to throw in a few more if a couple of the holes are barren, although I think it is good TV viewing if I find something or I come up empty.  Although those empty holes may have to be Mature rated as I won’t be in good humor having to dig with no payday!

Currently there is an offer through a production company for me to appear as a Privy digger on their concept.  So depending on how that all shakes out, this effort may get pushed onto the back shelf.  I am struggling right now with their time frame and honestly trusting that their concept will fit my vision.  It would be great to work with them as they have produced some shows I have really enjoyed and they have been there and done that.

Yet, I am on the fence right now about putting this effort on the back shelf in favor of their concept that I am not privy to at this time.  Don’t get me wrong, a payday would be nice, but I have scrimped and saved paying off my debts so I can weather the storm I have been digging through these past three years.  It may just pay off to push my concept through and do it my way instead of settling for a chance that may or may not fit.

chad profileGrizzly Groundswell is more my personal approach to hunting relic and treasure.  This is where I will take you on the hunt following Treasure Trail Trees and Stone monuments looking for Outlaw caches and throw the entire grizzly arsenal at the property.  It will be more of a how I do it approach.

Grizzly Garage Sale

Grizzly Garage Sale is the one that will be the most fun! It will also probably be the most popular since we are going to have so much fun filming it. Michelle my lovely wife and I will be taking our viewers along with us as we garage sale the back roads looking for relic and treasure to use in our home and to resell.  The bulk of the concept is based on our relationship and enjoying a day traveling and hunting for that relic or treasure to make our house a home here in the Dream Fulfilled Grizzly Backyard.

Temerity Magazine gets Restructured and more Grizzly

Yesterday I had this gut feeling that Temerity Magazine was changing forever. I could not explain it and it has yet to come full circle, but it had been bugging me since I started restructuring my total business and online effort here in 2013. I started the day with a post on Temerity Magazine stating that Temerity Magazine was being restructured and may not look anything like it once was. At the time, I had no clue what would become of the effort. I had even toyed with the idea of totally shutting it down. But late last night or early this morning it came to me.

What came was a solution to a format that would both serve my vision for Temerity Magazine and meet my changing philosophy of my new business strategy and the restructuring of my total online effort.

Temerity Magazine will truly look and feel totally different than before. No longer will it be just free advertising for my fellow relic and treasure hunters efforts, but instead it will embody Temerity and my vision for the effort.

The details are forming as I type here. Inspired by Norman Rockwell, Paul Harvey and some of the best relic and treasure story tellers, Temerity Magazine will no longer be totally dependent upon submissions but rather story suggestions by our viewers and readers. It will consist of a bit more work on my behalf but work I enjoy and can accomplish as I go throughout the relic and treasure hunt and research season. It fits better with what I envision relic and treasure hunting to be and I feel it will inspire many more to join us in the relic and treasure hobby, industry and our shared addiction.

Temerity Magazine has been a really successful venture, and throwing that all away in favor of a format more dependent on my own creativity and labor is quite the gamble. Yet, I feel it is a solid move and a keystone in the direction I am heading.

Temerity Magazine will have one last issue on May 1st announcing the changes and transitioning to its new and improved format. Today, I am beginning the journey and I will be improving upon the strategy change as we go forward. I am so excited that it is hard to sleep with all the great ideas I am trying to get down on paper as the new Temerity Magazine crystallizes in my mind.

May 1st more details will be shared and this new era of Temerity Magazine will begin utilizing all the infrastructure I have worked so hard to put in place. I have a ton of work to do between now and then, so be patient and I feel you will be rewarded.

Chad Everson

Upon Further Inspection The Kensington Runestone is…

The Kensington Runestone has more to it than just the rune inscription. In fact, there is a second inscription that even the experts have overlooked. In fact, this stone reads more like an outlaw cache site stone map than a stone carved by travelers in 1362. My guess is it is tied to the master cache template that stretches from Canada down to Mexico and from East to West Coast. In fact, the only unique markings on this stone from the hundreds of similar stones I have found is the crisp cut runic inscription. However, before you get excited and tune into the cover story and buy into their pretty packaged products they want to sell you, take it from this proud Norwegian heritage relic and treasure hunter, these cache sites have two sides of each coin. One is the illusion or cover story and the other side is the reality. I hunted the 4 acres of private property that shares Olof’s homestead hill and what I found is a Cache site, an ever expanding cache site as they move in their ill gotten gains onto the county protected land. Another great reason why counties, states and the Federal Government should never, ever own any land outside of the Constitutional land set aside there in the Nations Capital.

Don’t believe me? Study this stone for yourself and tell me why there is the “Dead Man’s Hand” right in the center of this stone. See the “Thumbs Up” highlight.

There are so many hidden clues on this stone but you have to discover it for yourself. I hope to one day get access to property around this cache site as it would be nice to utilize the info I have. The Sentinels and the property owners manic greed aced me out of these 4 acres after I had these outstanding finds such as the Spes et Fides stone and the 200 stone fish effigy that straddles this property and runs up the temple mound there. I have a pretty good idea where the next big find will be found, but why drive 3 hours when I am finding even better sites right in my very own Grizzly Backyard!

Anyway, check this out:


Since I was starting again with a fresh WordPress install on this blog, I had a lot of fun yesterday creating new header images.  I thought today that I would create a post of just these images in this new Gallery format to share with you.  Enjoy!