Politics, Religion and Relic and Treasure Hunting

Fools say Politics and Religion have no place on Relic and Treasure hunting forums.  Usually those that say this are lap dogs for our current failed President.  But putting that aside, most are ignorant of the fact that just like everything in life, Politics & Religion are two of the most important factors in any topic, but especially when it comes to Relic and Treasure Hunting.

Being ignorant of politics and the effect politics today have on our relic and treasure hobby and industry is just plain foolishness, and those that don’t see what is happening to this hobby and industry because of poltiics are just ignorant fools.  The government owned lands in this country far out number the number of acres in private hands.  They will tell you it is for the “environment” or the “natural wonders” this nation is graced with, but in reality these lands attempt to tie up outlaw caches or history of this nation’s land that the people of this nation can not even touch, discover, dig up and tell its story.  Why would one cent of debt or taxes need to be paid if only these lands would be put back into the hands of private ownership?  It has been proven over and over again that private ownership of land is actually best for the “environment” and preservation of “natural wonders” than government mismanagement.  My opinion on the subject insists that no land but the land set aside in the Constitution be owned by our Government.  Even parks should be held in a public trust rather than mismanaged by government agencies.

You may disagree, and if you do, that is great, but open your mouth and discuss why you would think such a nutty thing.  Then prepare to be taken to school and held accountable for your failed understanding.  It is in these arguments that we truly find our greatness.

It is not in compromise but instead in the best argument being victorious that keeps our nation strong and keeps the silly -ism’s that now rule unable to take root.

Religion is another topic that they don’t want you to talk or discuss.  This is utter stupidity of the highest level.  It is our faith and religion that define us not only as relic and treasure hunters but also human beings.  Some have no faith, or try to sell us on this facade.  Even those that claim to have no religion just replace Christ for deities they worship such as “science” and “reason” that all essentially can be boiled down to leaps of faith if they were honest in their discipline.

Let’s not forget that each and every relic and treasure we recover or chase was lost or cached by someone that had faith and most had a religion they held dear.  To understand the method to the cache madness, you must know what religion they held as most clues will be related to their faith.  After all, they relied upon their faith to protect their cached wealth so that it could be retrieved later.

Many of us rely upon our faith to find, recover and tell the stories we dig up and all these stories have a political and religious importance in finding the accurate story.  Many feel guided to find their amazing finds.  Others rely upon their metal detectors to beep, replacing faith with what they perceive is science.

Personally, I have a faith in Christ, a Norwegian Pietist Lutheran religion that was passed down to me through my heritage that is also intertwined with politics that believed and still do in the exceptionalism and “In God we trust” nature of our Freedom and Liberty in the pursuit of happiness, this American Dream found with the unrelenting Pioneer Spirit.

For any relic and treasure hunter to set aside politics or religion is a fools game.  Simply by our hobby, industry and this temerity we can not.  There is no way we can do what we do each and every day without standing firm to our beliefs and ideals.