The TV Concept I am Working On: Probing History

I wanted to share with you one of my TV Concepts: Probing History


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Privies, or outhouses and dump sites are valuable time capsules that tell a story once the relic and treasure is recovered.  Probing History’s Chad Everson will assist property owners in recovering the stories of their property then sharing it through the TV program, and Temerity Magazine.



chad profileChad Everson:

Relic and Treasure hunter who seeks out the story recovered of that pioneer spirit that strove to attain the American Dream.  Chad specializes in metal detecting, privy and outhouse digging, Outlaw cache sites, Trail Trees, Stone monuments and Temerity.  He does not understand or practice cherry picking, he digs deep probing history for his property owners.

 Property Owners:

What makes the show and the concept so interesting is the property owner.  These are the great American’s who thirst to know who loved their land before them and know their story.  Many never imagined they would be digging a privy or outhouse probing history so they are out of their element, but with a shared goal, the task gets done and we tell their properties story.

Lookey Lou’s-

No matter where you dig or hunt someone, somewhere is going to wonder what the hell you are doing.  I have had the most interesting conversations with Lookey Lou’s that just so happened to stumble across me hunting relic and treasure.  Many times I get a great story of the property that the property owner would never share with me, or one they have never heard of before.  Most of the time we share a chuckle and I am usually on the receiving end.  One of the best lines I remember being hurdled out of a pickup they had loaded with family and friends to take a gander at my exploits was, “If your trying to grow beer, it won’t work!”  I had to lay my shovel down and just laugh!  90 some degrees that day and the best giggle I had been given all hunt season.  I just pray I can capture it on video when it happens so I can share it with you.

Episode Synopsis:

Chad introduces the property owner and together they share the sites story.  Our goal in Probing History is to find relic and treasure that will support that story or lead us onto another story.  Then the fun continues with a lot of hard work locating, digging and retrieving the artifacts.  Then after all is cleaned and researched we wrap up our findings and tell the story we found Probing History.

Creators note:  This is a slick and streamlined concept that can be accomplished with the limited resources Theodore Media LLC have at their disposal.  When we find a network home, or grow the concept we will add more bells and whistles if needed.

We are shooting for 6 complete episodes to be available online in the Fall/Winter of 2013.

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Classification of Soil Solution Needed

freer corner dig 006Today I was running errands.  I ran to Elk River and finally purchased a hitch for the new ATV.  I was looking for a trailer that I could pull behind the ATV possibly converting it so that I could screen soil into it, recover the finds and haul the soil away from the dig site so when the hole expands, I am not moving fill dirt more than twice.

I really did not find anything that I was looking for.  I have an old snowmobile trailer that I am contemplating putting down steel mesh on the bed so that I could overlay mesh in different sections for different applications.  However, this idea has many problems to over come.

One problem is the agitation of the screen.  One solution is to put the screens on wood frames and attach rollers or tires to the bottom.  But that would still be a manual agitation.

There has to be a product out there or design that would allow one to trailer in a screening system to classify soil manually or mechanized…and be affordable.  I guess I have to look a little harder online for solutions that have already been made.  If you have an idea, let me know!