Almost lost my hunting buddy

Daisy, our 10 year old lab and St. Bernard Canine Matriarch and faithful hunting buddy was almost lost today.
cropped-Estes-Brook-NorthWest-202.jpgHere she is in the purple collar on the right of this picture.  Daisy was the best $25 I ever spent.  Michelle commented that we should start looking for a dog after I had been pleading for couple of years after we purchased our house.  That next day I responded to an ad for $25 puppies around Dalbo, MN.  I took her home and took a picture of her in our bathroom next to the tub.  I emailed the picture to Michelle not saying much of anything in the email.  She called me about 15 minutes later wonder what this black puff ball was doing in our bathroom.  Well, it was love at first sight for both Michelle and I.  Daisy became the child we could not have and later we added Onslo on the left of the photo.

Estes Brook Walk with Michelle 038Daisy and Onslo have been great relic and treasure hunting buddies as well as a great security system to alert me when sentinels are closing in.  Daisy and Onslo are polar opposites when it comes to personalities.  Onslo is that upfront and in your face happy pup that just wants to go and play, while Daisy is quiet, a home body and reserved.


The last week Daisy had just not been herself.  Grouchy and under the weather, she just could not get comfortable or just relax.  Daisy had already been through one surgery when we had two mammary bumps removed and tested for cancer.  One was benign and the other was cancerous.  But she recovered and now we were dreading that it had come back.  Well we took her into Princeton Veterinary Clinic here in Princeton, MN.  If your in the area, this is the best vet I have ever known.  They are really good, affordable and bend over backwards for the pets they serve.   Just like they did for Daisy today.  We took her in and found out her uterus was infected and it was life or death.  In fact Daisy almost passed out while we were there at the vet’s.

So they called back the vet that does these surgery’s as he thought he was done for the day, but luckily he was able to be reached and the emergency surgery was performed this afternoon.  Michelle and I were both worried because we have never seen Daisy this sick before.  She went downhill in a matter of hours and we feared we took her in too late.

But, we did not loose Daisy.  She is sleeping right now in our back room and re-cooperating  from her surgery.  She had to have her uterus taken out and when they did it was huge!  Abnormally large as it was filled with the infection and took up the mass of her abdomen.  They showed us photo’s and I damn near asked to have them email the pics to share here, but I bet your grateful that I did not go that far.

Long story short, Daisy is going to be feeling a lot better here shortly.  Today Michelle and I thought we were loosing our pup, and tonight we are thankful that day has yet to come.  Life is precious, enjoy it today because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow!