Indian Trail Tree, Thong Tree, Treasure Trail Tree

Easter Drive with Michelle 049

Michelle and I ventured out for a drive on Easter to capture our Grizzly Backyard as the Migratory birds are now finding their way back and the snow is slowly recessing to replenish our fertile soil.  I could not help but drive past the hunt site I will no doubt spend the majority of my time on this grizzly hunt season.  Pictured here from the road because I do not have permission to hunt this neighboring property is an old Indian Trail Tree.  It sits along the same trail that runs through my hunt site.

Do you see the tell tale elbow’s on this tree as it was manipulated with thong and tie down?  It also has manicured evidence that is rather recent in the terms of the era’s this site stretches back into.


Easter Drive with Michelle 050

This photo is a nice close up of the eye of the Bird motiff that permeates this cache site.

Easter Drive with Michelle 051

This tree is unique because it points out a number of trails.  It “V’s” into two distinct trail tree markers and there is a curious limb placed over the top creating a shield or King’s Trail symbol that can be seen in the negative space between its branches.

Easter Drive with Michelle 052

In our area here that highly suspect for micro caches and old trails these trail trees will catch your eye as you drive down our back country roads and main highways.  No doubt these tree markers were utilized on the old Red River Ox cart trails that are now our major highway arteries.

You will also find these trees out in the middle of no where.  Iron is usually laid down near these to give you a lay line to navigate as you hunt.  Since these trees served as the corner store bulletin boards of early footpaths, there is a whole host of information to be gleaned off the barks of these trees, buried around these trees and on the trails leading from these trees.

If you don’t know your Indian trail trees, thong trees or treasure trail trees, you better make a point to bone up on them quick.  This is just a great example of knowing the landscape you are hunting.

Easter Drive with Michelle 053

I took this panoramic to illustrate how the trail tree blends into the landscape.  If you never knew trail trees existed you would never see it in this panoramic as you drive to and from your destination each day.  But if you are in the know, your trail trees will begin to jump out at you as you drive your daily grind or just out driving back country roads scouting your next hunt site.  Remember, we only hunt properties where permission is granted and when we hunt those sites we throw the whole Grizzly arsenal at it until we recover the story that we can share.

Easter Drive with Michelle 054 Easter Drive with Michelle 055 Easter Drive with Michelle 056

Upon Further Inspection The Kensington Runestone is…

The Kensington Runestone has more to it than just the rune inscription. In fact, there is a second inscription that even the experts have overlooked. In fact, this stone reads more like an outlaw cache site stone map than a stone carved by travelers in 1362. My guess is it is tied to the master cache template that stretches from Canada down to Mexico and from East to West Coast. In fact, the only unique markings on this stone from the hundreds of similar stones I have found is the crisp cut runic inscription. However, before you get excited and tune into the cover story and buy into their pretty packaged products they want to sell you, take it from this proud Norwegian heritage relic and treasure hunter, these cache sites have two sides of each coin. One is the illusion or cover story and the other side is the reality. I hunted the 4 acres of private property that shares Olof’s homestead hill and what I found is a Cache site, an ever expanding cache site as they move in their ill gotten gains onto the county protected land. Another great reason why counties, states and the Federal Government should never, ever own any land outside of the Constitutional land set aside there in the Nations Capital.

Don’t believe me? Study this stone for yourself and tell me why there is the “Dead Man’s Hand” right in the center of this stone. See the “Thumbs Up” highlight.

There are so many hidden clues on this stone but you have to discover it for yourself. I hope to one day get access to property around this cache site as it would be nice to utilize the info I have. The Sentinels and the property owners manic greed aced me out of these 4 acres after I had these outstanding finds such as the Spes et Fides stone and the 200 stone fish effigy that straddles this property and runs up the temple mound there. I have a pretty good idea where the next big find will be found, but why drive 3 hours when I am finding even better sites right in my very own Grizzly Backyard!

Anyway, check this out:


Since I was starting again with a fresh WordPress install on this blog, I had a lot of fun yesterday creating new header images.  I thought today that I would create a post of just these images in this new Gallery format to share with you.  Enjoy!