Tobacco cutter Grizzly Relic & Treasure

Adam Dyer of Bainbridge, Ohio had these two Tobacco Cutters for sale and today I took that lovely drive with Michelle to pick them up. Damn it is lovely country here in Ohio. It was great talking with Adam as he is very knowledgeable and I know I Continue reading Tobacco cutter Grizzly Relic & Treasure

Starling Murmation Potential is Building here in Ohio

I have always been an avid bird watcher. Starlings are magnificent little birds of paradise and when they flock like this one of the coolest feats of flight follows: The Murmation.

Old Carbon Steel Knives & good advice! Grizzly Relic &Treasure

Steve Wright gave me a heads up to look for older Carbon Steel Knives. I mixed up his name 3 times in the video and mixed up knives as I thought the knife with the paint and stainless steel blade was the knife I found in an old fishing Continue reading Old Carbon Steel Knives & good advice! Grizzly Relic &Treasure

Yucca & Osage Orange Retting- Grizzly Relic & Trea

Merry Christmas and Happy New here from the new Bonnie Doon Homestead here in Leesburg, Ohio. I have a great yucca resource here and I have harvested a tote full of Yucca leaves and I am working on m

Cheap Tree Service Wrestles Tree at Bonnie Doon’s Grizzly Backyard

Pretty impressive as I still don’t know how they were able to save this old house from this hammer of a tree that was hanging above it. Especially at the heights they were working at. I hated to see these old trees go, but I sure slept better Continue reading Cheap Tree Service Wrestles Tree at Bonnie Doon’s Grizzly Backyard

Despotic Tyrants

Today I had a reminder of why I started blogging now over 10 years ago. I was a member of the Pastured Pigs group on Facebook.  The admins for that group are Chad and Danelle Stamps of The Stamps Family Farm

phone. 515-689-1730     email.


There was a post where a member asked the legality of feeding feral piglets for slaughter.  While it varies from state to state the general consensus was yes it is fine to a fearful no, never.

Well my contention is that the feral hog is the perfect example of why hogs should be pastured.  I was really shocked when I asked why this resource is not utilized more especially for the grade or commercial feeder pig marketplace.  Well one member hit the nail on the head when he chimed in that it is too cost prohibitive since you really need a great fence to keep these feral hogs in.  I totally understand that and that was a great and outstanding answer to the questions I posed.

However, there were so many other’s that were troubling.  So I kept on with the dialogue trying to flush out the truth of the matter.  Well the most vocal on the discussion thread finally admitted that her heritage breed hogs would not stand a chance with the feral hogs and her biggest fear is fencing them out from her stock, not fencing them in.  Another great insight!  Yes, a true feral hog out loose outside the management of humans is a threat and a superior nuisance.  Yet, I was asking why these feral hogs have not been utilized in a management system where they can be used for all their foraging abilities like on pasture and not just destroyed!  After all, many hog farmers are now trying to breed back to the foraging traits we have already in the feral hog.  How can we utilize this “accidental resource” and monopolize on it?  I don’t think we can do that by destroying them.  Instead I contend that they should be domesticated and used to improve our pastured hog.

Well, that fell on deaf ears.  In fact, I pointed out that they are treating the feral hog as the confinement hog corporation is treating both the pastured hog and the feral hog alike.  Why don’t they see that the feral hog is their best case against containment farming of hogs?

So instead of having a meaningful discussion Danelle Stamps the admin of the group calls me an ass and tries to paint me as a trouble maker.  LOL, remember this is coming from these radical pasture pig raisers that pride themselves on everything they want to do is illegal.

I told Danelle to “grow up” and like a typical socialist squirrel Nazi nut, she banned me from their little group.

Hey, that just humored me and I thought it was just par for the course.  You can’t hold these people accountable or have a contrary argument especially when you are correct and they are caught looking like asses in their own little fiefdom.  So I decided to share this hilarious interaction on my own facebook timeline.

In a matter of moments they had Facebook remove my post from my own timeline that I authored and posted.  Then, Facebook forced me to log out of my account while I was creating a “pastured hog” group.

Pastured Hog

Well, I could not believe what I was seeing.  I should of screen captured each screen but I could not believe what was happening.  Why did they feel that they had to make me pay by removing one of my own posts on my own timeline?  Hey if they want to be tyrants in their own group they admin, that is silly, but hey, I understand these silly fiefdom’s people want to protect.  That is why I created the Pastured Hog group so that people could freely discuss pasture hog concerns and not deal with Nazi’s, well except those on Facebook anyway.  LOL!

Now I was still amazed at their ability to limit my Facebook experience when the only thing I did was voice my opinion on how I was treated by the admin’s.  Should I return the favor here, an eye for eye if you will?  Well, no, that is not how I live my life.  But I do want other’s to know what we are up against here.

You see the socialists are once again trying to fool the farmer and deceive the worker to enslave us all.  Permaculture, the green movement, all these guerrilla marketing BS bowel movements are dangerous.  Look at the lengths they will go to silence my voice here because I questioned why the feral hog’s foraging traits are not being utilized as a resource for the pastured hog farmer.  Why are they siding with the very people they treat as criminals?

Well, I will leave that question for you to figure out.  I just wanted to share with you what these silly socialist squirrels did to me.

So if that was not bad, then they removed a second post!  Posted on my timeline lies trying to frame me as a menace to society and Facebook put me on a 24 hour facebook timeout and I can’t even push a “Like” or post.

So I have yet to go to their timelines, websites, etc. to call them out on the carpet because honestly, their opinions would only humor me.  Fine, they wrongfully kicked me out of their group.  I can build my own, no worries.  But then to go after me on my own personal facebook timeline, then ban me for 24 hours by gaming Facebook.  It makes a guy think what these fuckers are really hiding???

Tyranny Exhibit 1 tyranny Exhibit 2 Tyranny Exhibit 3 Tyranny Exhibit 4After reading the Facebook Community Standards, I am still trying to figure out what I did wrong and how they gamed facebook to silence my voice.  I have had death threats and crazy bastards stalking me on Facebook and I could not do anything about them.  How do you get someone banned for telling you to “Grow Up?”

 Funny thing is:

They ban me from their group, Fine
They game Facebook to remove a post from my own timeline, What?
Then they continue to comment on my timeline as they feel their voice should be heard while silencing my own. Delete!
Then they game Facebook again and remove another post from my timeline!  WTF?
And I am logged out and put in Facebook Jail where I can’t post, Like, or manage my own groups, feeds and Facebook timeline!  YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!
They Still are trying to comment on my Facebook Feed!  I can only delete their stupidity as I catch it!  Where is my Justice here?

LOL!  God is good!

Murmation potential gathering in numbers~Grizzly Backyard

Michelle and I were excited to find Starlings here in Ohio. This video I tried to capture their gathering Murmation potential as their numbers seem to be growing and they now can fill up the sky and our trees as they come in to take a breather and get Continue reading Murmation potential gathering in numbers~Grizzly Backyard

Every Dog has its Day in the Grizzly Backyard

Eddie our black cat had his first successful hunt today as we were walking through a slough he nabbed a fat field mouse. Well, he had the right idea grabbing it and running up the hill to play with it. But the moral to the story is not Continue reading Every Dog has its Day in the Grizzly Backyard

Root Cellar Exploration Bonnie Doon Homestead

Here is a rambling quick exploration of my root cellar after we cleaned 95% of the garbage that was down here. I still have to move more out and clean it up but I wanted to get the walls and the information they hold onto video before I go Continue reading Root Cellar Exploration Bonnie Doon Homestead

Bonnie Doon Homestead the new Grizzly Backyard!

I know my late father would of loved this property and its potential. Dad was born 2 days after Pearl Harbor so Dec, 9th. I believe my grandmother Sylvia sent all her sons to serve in every war since WWII if I am not mistaken and I can’t Continue reading Bonnie Doon Homestead the new Grizzly Backyard!