1862 was an active year for the KGC

I was watching this video on the Minnesota Sioux Uprising and my ears perked up when he mentioned that the Sioux had been coerced by the British and Southern Sympathizers to take action against the settlers.


The Sioux, a sovereign nation that was set up by the interests of the KGC working within the Indian Bureau of Affairs system starving and stealing from them then offering them a seductive carrot when they were presented with arms to create a military action that would force more Northern troops off the battle front between north and south and bring them out to the frontier to deal with the manufactured uprising.

The Sioux nation I feel for as they were all but pawns in intrigue.  38 were hung as a result.  Abraham Lincoln lessened the number from over 300 to 38, but to this day the very same interests that created this tragedy criticize one of our greatest Presidents for this action.  With over 1000 settlers killed and 300 or more in custody, 38 were sacrificed to appease the very interests that created this dilemma in their effort to thwart salvation of the union.

The Sovereign Nation of the Ojibwe’s leader, Hole in the Day, struck a brilliant deal instead of taking military action that can honestly be considered one of the most brilliant acts of diplomacy known to this nation.  It was a risky gamble but his show of force when the United States was already facing a mighty Sioux Nation on top of the Civil War lead to concessions that his people still enjoy today.  There is no doubt that Hole in the Day was faced with similar pressures from the United States Government and the interests of the KGC in the British, Southern Sympathizers, KGC inside the administration in the Indian Bureau of affairs.  It is a testament to the brilliance of Hole in the Day’s keen sense of Temerity to pull off such a coup.


We know that the KGC was instrumentally infiltrated the Indian Bureau of affairs and with the 1862 Sioux uprising we know they were very active in Minnesota.  It should not be a surprise to anyone that there are KGC cache sites through out the lands the Mighty Sioux and Brilliant Ojibwe once defended, hunted, and grew their great nations.

They say that war is hell and I believe that is an understatement.  In Probing History back to 1862 we find a political landscape and international intrigue of conflicting interests that lead to what can only be considered an enormous tragedy for both the 38 Sioux who were hung, many being innocent and over 1000 settlers who came to this great state to assist building a nation.  The KGC just like today was instrumental in manufacturing this tragedy for their own self interest deceiving and squeezing the Mighty Sioux nation into taking actions they would of otherwise not taken.  Hole in the Day chose a different strategy and because of that I now know that I want to learn more about this great leader.  How did he see the lay of the landscape so clearly?  What gave him the wisdom to gamble and in the end be justified with the outcome?

Since my family came to this nation in 1866 I feel as if I don’t have a horse in this race.  Maybe it gives me the ability to distance myself from the raw nerves that are still present today.  While I have an opinion of who is at fault here in 1862, I can’t say that one player in this game was right or wrong as they were all working within their time and own interests.  It saddens me yet, does not surprise me that the KGC infiltration was so great as to be able to cover for the criminal activity of those entrusted with the welfare of the Sioux Nation after a deal had been struck.  Yet we see this in all aspects of our government today.  The misuse of power and government seems to be norm rather than the exception.

I can’t lay blame in the Sioux for reacting to their treatment and trying to rectify the situation as well as I can lay blame on the settlers that were slaughtered and demanded some justice for the action even if they were only given 38 instead of all those in custody.  I can see that Abraham Lincoln was in an impossible situation and applaud him for only sacrificing 38 instead of all those detained that numbered over 300.  I really marvel at Hole in the Day’s shrewd temerity and I think his people would agree that out of all of the players in this action his was the most ideal.  I can’t even lay blame at the KGC as I understand the British Merchant and Southern interest.  I personally don’t agree with the KGC and their methods but like it is said, war is hell and especially in probing history of 1862, it is an understatement!

The political landscape today is just as murky.   One thing that I hope you understand that these same interests are alive and well.  The power structure is different as the Ojibwe and Sioux are no longer on the battle front, but they are still being utilized as we all are today.  Many of us find ourselves in similar situations that the mighty Sioux nation found itself, while others feel they can negotiate the troubled waters as Hole in the Day did for his people through these troubled times.  In Probing History we discover great examples of Temerity and tragedy in the choices that were made.  Because of these choices the pain and anger created out of the actions are still just as real today as they were back in 1862.  In hunting relic and treasure it is important that we share the stories recovered so that one and all that are graced with this knowledge can make informed decisions today that lead us into a more promising future.


Tree bumps and blemishes

tree bumps


This is a new wrinkle in the quest to uncover the information hidden in the greenery on these sites.  This is an old site I was revisiting its documentation after discovering the woodpecker holes could be understood using something similar to morse code  and a cipher I was excited to run across.  The same method could probably be used here on this tree, but I thought I should ask the readers here if they have ever ran across similar growths and blemishes on trees on their hunt sites.

I am theorizing that they scarred the bark and maybe even utilized insects or some external agitant placed under the skin of the bark to assist the growth blemishes where they were needed.  The other code found carved on the trees suggest this was an intentional and not just natural as other trees of the same species are not affected.  Also there is a pattern that is evident with the naked eye.

There is enough duplication on these sites that we don’t have to have an answer for every bit of information present, it makes life easier but it is not necessary.  It just bugs me to no end that I can’t just apply a strategy or cipher to this abnormality and be able to discern it as a part of the mirage or something of this sites reality.

I guess this is what makes cache site relic and treasure hunting so enjoyable.  You are always learning and growing with each new wrinkle.

Apophenia, essential tool for the Relic and Treasure Hunter

As a Christian, artist and relic and treasure hunter, I pride myself on teaching others to see in new ways, think outside the box and to shed light into the darkness.  This is one of those subjects in relic and treasure hunting that I feel I need to shed some light upon.

Estes Brook Hill 172Skeptics, Sentinels, anarchists, outlaws and simpletons try to throw out the “psychological disorder” terms like Apophenia and Pareidolia to attempt to silence the information getting out on how to see “the goose in the greenery”.  They rely on the stigmata of the terms to dissuade research and conversations on the subject.  Why?  Because it is key to unlocking these cache sites that are found all across this nation and if they can keep you from using this tool in your grizzly arsenal, then it will severely handicap you in finding the treasure you seek.

It is much like Temerity.  Temerity only appears foolish to those that will never attain or embody the characteristic.  Well, you will never find relic and treasure intentually cached to be recovered at a later time unless you fine tune these tools.

Yes, Apophenia is a relic and treasure tool that can be developed even in the most linear of thinking minds to distinguish the goose from the greenery.  A great example of seeing what others don’t and if they do they don’t follow through with it or are bullied into setting their observations aside.  A lovely British student utilizes her Temerity to become the leading expert in the world on WW2 Tree Carvings.

“WW2 tree carvings and bark grafitti unveil private lives from the past”

“Chantel Summerfield, an arbolglyph reader from Malvern , Worcestershire, 24, said: “You can walk down the streets and see the carvings on the trees and not think anything much of it but when you actually look into it it tells you an awful lot.

“I’ve followed many of the First World War soldiers’ carvings from trees that once stood a few miles behind the front line on the Western Front, through to finding their graves in Commonwealth War Graves cemeteries.”

Those that deny the very existence of their fellow man utilizing this ability to hide the goose in the greenery are simply ignorant or just enslaved to someone else’s agenda.

Leonardo Da Vinci, a genius in many fields of study had this to say about this effective tool of observation:

his notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci wrote of pareidolia as a device for painters, writing “if you look at any walls spotted with various stains or with a mixture of different kinds of stones, if you are about to invent some scene you will be able to see in it a resemblance to various different landscapes adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, wide valleys, and various groups of hills. You will also be able to see divers combats and figures in quick movement, and strange expressions of faces, and outlandish costumes, and an infinite number of things which you can then reduce into separate and well conceived forms.”[11]

In order to master and perfect this tool of observing not only the natural world around you, but to discern the hidden goose in the greenery there are many examples online and off that you can train your eye and brain to venture where few have the temerity to go.

However, this tool is only as good as any other tool in your grizzly arsenal of tools to hunt and find relic and treasure.  If you don’t know how to use your metal detector, you will not find the treasure for which you seek.  It is the same with this apophenia gift that you develop.  Remember on any sight, but especially cached sites there is one question we must continually answer and test:  “Is it the goose or is it the greenery?”  or “Is it the mirage or the reality?”

Every cache site is created to look ancient, to blend in with the natural and provide a simplistic cover story to protect the relic and treasure cached away.  So you are going to run into a higher percentage of mirage than you will find in its reality.  For example a 1920-30’s bootlegger will cache his property or his neighbors so that if anyone does notice something is out of place, it will appear like it was a remnant of the past dwellers of the location.  They will try to make things look as if the natives that the land was taken from had left some remnant of their civilization behind in rocks, tree carvings or landscaping.

So always test what you are observing with what you are actually finding as you dig.    All the wonderful stone and tree carvings are meaningless if you can’t test them with finding what they are telling you should be there.  Remember, what is above is also below.  So if it isn’t then you have found the mirage, and not the reality.


Indian Trail Tree, Thong Tree, Treasure Trail Tree

Easter Drive with Michelle 049

Michelle and I ventured out for a drive on Easter to capture our Grizzly Backyard as the Migratory birds are now finding their way back and the snow is slowly recessing to replenish our fertile soil.  I could not help but drive past the hunt site I will no doubt spend the majority of my time on this grizzly hunt season.  Pictured here from the road because I do not have permission to hunt this neighboring property is an old Indian Trail Tree.  It sits along the same trail that runs through my hunt site.

Do you see the tell tale elbow’s on this tree as it was manipulated with thong and tie down?  It also has manicured evidence that is rather recent in the terms of the era’s this site stretches back into.


Easter Drive with Michelle 050

This photo is a nice close up of the eye of the Bird motiff that permeates this cache site.

Easter Drive with Michelle 051

This tree is unique because it points out a number of trails.  It “V’s” into two distinct trail tree markers and there is a curious limb placed over the top creating a shield or King’s Trail symbol that can be seen in the negative space between its branches.

Easter Drive with Michelle 052

In our area here that highly suspect for micro caches and old trails these trail trees will catch your eye as you drive down our back country roads and main highways.  No doubt these tree markers were utilized on the old Red River Ox cart trails that are now our major highway arteries.

You will also find these trees out in the middle of no where.  Iron is usually laid down near these to give you a lay line to navigate as you hunt.  Since these trees served as the corner store bulletin boards of early footpaths, there is a whole host of information to be gleaned off the barks of these trees, buried around these trees and on the trails leading from these trees.

If you don’t know your Indian trail trees, thong trees or treasure trail trees, you better make a point to bone up on them quick.  This is just a great example of knowing the landscape you are hunting.

Easter Drive with Michelle 053

I took this panoramic to illustrate how the trail tree blends into the landscape.  If you never knew trail trees existed you would never see it in this panoramic as you drive to and from your destination each day.  But if you are in the know, your trail trees will begin to jump out at you as you drive your daily grind or just out driving back country roads scouting your next hunt site.  Remember, we only hunt properties where permission is granted and when we hunt those sites we throw the whole Grizzly arsenal at it until we recover the story that we can share.

Easter Drive with Michelle 054 Easter Drive with Michelle 055 Easter Drive with Michelle 056

Join me on the Quest to discover the secrets of the Dog Stone Tablet

Above you will find the photosynth of my documentation photos of the Dog Stone Tablet I found on a site I will later disclose.  This site has been hunted yet as this stone will reveal the true treasure may yet to be discovered.  I chose this stone because it falls into my “Tablet Stone” criteria and it is a site that has been metal detected, and the whole of the grizzly arsenal thrown at it.  Yet, will this stone alone reveal that there is more to this site that I have yet to discover?  Or will the information on the stone confirm what was found?  I suspect both will reveal themselves.  And if your willing to join me on this quest I will reveal what was found and help both of us through this stone and its hidden secrets the best that I can.  I am offering this quest and experience so that others like yourself can begin probing history right in your own Grizzly Backyard.

I will post this up here and as we get folks interested I will reveal the back side of this stone in another photosynth so you will have the whole picture.  Then as discoveries on the stone mount I will reveal what corresponding finds were found or go hunt the area looking to see if I missed what this stone is telling us is there.

This is your opportunity to learn and grow from the comfort of your laptop and become apart of a hunt that is still ongoing.  Now this site does not get visited by myself that often as I am just now researching the clues recovered after the initial hunt.  I have bigger fish in the pan right now cooking, but I thought this would be a great place to start this journey with you so you can have access to what I do daily here.  In providing this opportunity I hope that more people will join me hunting their own grizzly backyards recovering and probing history.  This is  hat the Grizzly Groundswell is all about, inspiring a groundswell of people getting Grizzly to take ownership of our combined and shared history, make better decisions today knowing what our history actually was so that it will lead us into a much brighter and promising future.

I have posted this on both ProbingHistory.com and GrizzlyGroundswell.com as well as on Facebook. Please “Like” and comment to join this quest below on either of the two sites or on the facebook post.

Dog Stone Tablet 001

Dog Stone Tablet 005

Dog Stone Tablet 006

Dog Stone Tablet 007

Dog Stone Tablet 008

Dog Stone Tablet 009

Dog Stone Tablet 012

Dog Stone Tablet 035

Dog Stone Tablet 041

Dog Stone Tablet 079

Dog Stone Tablet 271

Dog Stone Tablet 081

Should we be encouraging others to join us on the hunt for relic and treasure?

This is a question that I asked myself restructuring my business this research season.  It is a reasonable question since the entirety of my business has hinged on igniting the imagination to join us in hunting relic and treasure.

Reasons that maybe we shouldn’t ignite other’s imaginations to join us hunting relic and treasure:

  1. It is damn expensive.  Depending on what your hunting, a metal detector, pinpointer, digger, it all ads up pretty fast.  No matter what metal detector you purchase, there is always something better out there.  
  2. It can be a dangerous addiction.  Sentinels, Outlaws, moonshiners, drug cookers and growers, thieves and vandals are not all dead and long gone.  Many are still kicking right in your backyard.
  3. Even if we attract 100 new relic and treasure hunters, how many will not share our ethic and morals?  1%, 2%, 60%, I would not even begin to know this percentage but the longer I am on the hunt I wonder if that percentage is higher rather then lower at times.
  4. Those selfish enough would say we shouldn’t inspire others to join us because their lust for finds is greater than sharing this great addiction with others.  I don’t understand this mentality but I will add it here so those that think this way don’t reveal their characteristic flaws to the world in the comments.
  5. I am sure there are more reasons, but I am drawing a blank tonight.  Add yours in the comments if you come up with more.

Now the reasons why I think we should ignite the imaginations of our fellow citizens are in no particular order and in no way complete:

  1. It is my belief that in inspiring others to hunt relic and treasure they will be forced to learn about historic events.  As a Conservative, that is always a good thing because if they even have a glimpse into our shared history, they are more apt not to repeat the same folly in the present.  This brings us all to a better future.
  2. I can’t think of a better addiction.  It challenges your mind, body and soul to get out there, get Grizzly and dig up history then tell its story!  Honestly, I wonder why everyone does not join us?
  3. If we don’t grow our numbers and grow them fast, those entrepreneurs and business owners will not be able to keep serving this great addiction.  Already we are seeing some get pulled away into the military and commercial needs for their expertise.  Without great numbers joining us, politicians, archaeologists and the other outlaws, thieves and tyrants will shut this hobby down the moment they can.
  4. There are so many experts in the areas of relic, treasure, history and other areas that need to join us in hunting relic and treasure so we can connect the dots quicker and grow deeper in the understanding of our history and the stories that we recover every day.
  5. If we don’t do it, who will?

I think the answer to the question is easy to answer without many reasons pro or con being written down.  I am sure you will have many more to add to this list.  For me it is still a great question to ask myself and to resolve each and every research season.  This year I have decided that I must encourage everyone to join us hunting relic and treasure.  Next year, I pray the decision is this easy to make.

How is your research season going?

My research season is finally getting started here and just like hunt season, it seems there are new discoveries each day.  Life Happens, as it always does and Daisy our pup who we almost lost yesterday is re-cooperating and making a fine recovery so I can get back to the research here.

The most exciting resource find this research season has been the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps.

Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 : Minnesota

Title: Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 : Minnesota
Description: Sanborn fire insurance maps are the most frequently consulted maps in both public and academic libraries. Sanborn maps are valuable historical tools for urban specialists, social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, local historians, planners, environmentalists and anyone who wants to learn about the history, growth, and development of American cities, towns, and neighborhoods. This collection covers Minnesota towns and cities from 1867-1970.
Access URL: http://www.lib.umn.edu/get/12356

These maps are fantastic!  Yet, finding the archived county assessor files would be a miracle!  As the sites I am hunting are not covered with the Sanborn Maps.  Although looking at these maps, I am tempted to choose a few ideal sites for this next year, especially for the Probing History TV Show Concept.

So how is your research season going?  Are you having success in finding sites to recover their stories in 2013?