Daily Profile pic

I lost a front tooth during the move here last Summer.  Ever since then I have been a bit self conscience with my appearance as my age is starting to show here.  I knew I was facing a challenge here when I stopped doing videos and it was almost impossible to get back into the groove documenting my relic and treasure hunts and antics.  So I knew I had to do something to shake off this hindrance.

Last year Michelle started posting one photo a day on her Facebook and I was really impressed and inspired with her dedication.  It was fun to look back at each and every picture as it really captured the life we shared.  So I got this idea to change my profile picture daily on Facebook.  I started and have done a good job keeping it up daily.  I only wish I would do the same blogging daily.

It did not cure my inhibition to share my toothless smile, but it has been fun as I can play with this old man I am growing into.  I do have to admit it has been very fun!

Check out my daily profile pics here: