E. W. Everson the Orignal "Grizzly Bear"

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My name is Chad T. Everson and my business is Theodore Media LLC in which I produce media products for the relic and treasure hobby and industry.

This Grizzly Groundswell is inspired by the orginal “Grizzly Bear” E.W. Everson who immigrated to this great nation in 1866 as a young boy.  He would work and find boarding with great Americans in Wisconsin and grow into a young man who knocked around the Twin Cities, contracted TB and was nursed back to health by his fellow Americans and with the help of Dr. Hoyt.  He would pioneer North Dakota, find the love of a great woman named Betsy, homestead and grow a family.  He would serve many years as Justice of the Peace, sit on his local church’s board and serve as a Representative.  He was suckered into the NonPartisan Party when the socialists took over the Republican Party and North Dakota in 1916-1917.  1917 he challenged the socialist leader A.C. Townley with a famous petition you have never heard of or read about because history has been scrubbed and socialist squirrels have distorted some of the greatest American Stories you  may never hear about.

Well, E.W. Everson went out and united the Conservative Republican, Abraham Lincoln League, the Independents and even Conservative Democrats into the Independent Voters Association that he served many years as President.  He took on the most powerful political machine of his day and in 1921 just as the NonPartisan League was preparing the North Dakota Governor as their first Presidential Candidate, E.W’s IVA recalled him.  The recalled the very first Governor of a State in United States History.  The successfully derailed the socialist powerhouse and I must state that they saved America.  But stupid ideals can not be killed, only beaten back.  Today my generation failed to stop the stupidity.

So I am hunting relic and treasure to recover that pioneer spirit and tell the story of those who strove to attain the American Dream in the Temerity that it may wake enough people up that we can regain the nation our forefathers worked and died to gift us with.  I pray we can return the favor to the next generation.

Join me on the hunt as we tell those great stories from our relic and treasure revealed.

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