What part of “Entertainment” Don’t YOU Understand?

Today I enjoyed a “Diggers on National Geographic” Marathon.  I watched all the full episodes I could find online with little help from National Geographic.  Thank God someone posted them on YouTube or I would of never had the opportunity to enjoy this show.  I don’t do cable, and only watch on demand online so I have watched all the available “American Diggers” and their new better version “Savage Diggers” since Spike TV understands today’s viewers.

I have humored myself by listening to all the jealous and small minded bitches complaining about these shows and other than Jealousy and fear mongering I just don’t get where these people are coming from.  They play right into the hands of the Sentinels and Archaeologist stupidity trying to steal our history from us and protect the ill gotten gains of their outlaw agenda’s on federal, state and county protected lands.

Out of these shows, I still don’t see that “Probing History” or “Grizzly Groundswell” show I am envisioning and creating.  But I thank these shows for pioneering this genre and building on all those old great shows that brought this relic and treasure niche to enormous audiences.

However, each of these shows and their formats deserve a closer look.  Digging deeper into each of these shows and share with you what I enjoy and what I see working as well as what misses the mark.  The really cool thing is that both of these shows “entertained” me and I enjoyed all of them.  Hell, I even picked up some tips from them.

For instance:

  • The 80/20 split on American Diggers is spot on.  I had been doing a 50/50 split and that was fitting when I first started, but now 80/20 fits what I bring to each site and the amount of work I put into each site.
  • The Diggers finding the coin honey hole in that old bar was really interesting.  It never occurred to me that drunks would throw coins over the bar and for them to find a way to get too them was really impressive.
  • The use of burning barrels to thaw ground I really enjoyed with the American Diggers and will use this in future.  Actually I just used this approach today with a grill on a very icy driveway today.  It worked like a charm.

American DiggersAmerican Diggers

This show aired for a season and was the ALL STAR WRESTLING, Rock & Roll Pyrotechnics approach to introducing the viewing audience to relic and treasure hunting.


  • Fast paced and entertaining with a whole host of larger than life characters
  • Their Grizzly Arsenal of big boy toys they throw at a site is impressive and awe inspiring.
  • Promotes the benefit to the land owner to grant permission to relic and treasure hunters as they will be rewarded with a monetary gain.



  • Lead Character outshines everyone else and with so much info to get through in one show, there is no time left to get to know the supporting cast or the land owner.
  • The overall message is the value of the relic and treasure recovered.  If all relic and treasure hunters were value driven there would be maybe 10 relic and treasure hunters in the entire US.  While it maybe what the viewer wants when competing against other reality shows, it just misses the mark in focusing on the value of the find and not the story recovered.
  • This format was good, but it needed many tweaks.  They tried to do too much with the time they were granted and to do so, their finds come off as staged.  But remember this is entertainment.



Now this format fits the YouTube hunting video a bit better, less rock and roll and more about two friends sharing their addiction with you.  The format feels like “American Pickers” just switched over to metal detecting.  The two leads are hilarious and not quite as annoying as the two American Pickers leads, but I have not watched that many episodes yet.  Sometimes over the top personalities wear on you if they don’t mix things up enough.


  • More realistic finds and if you only do metal detecting, this show is for you.
  • Two leads fit the format and show well.
  • Very entertaining and the side bets are a great shtick.
  • A bit more focus on the story than the finds value which is promising.
  • Interesting sites


  • The over the top glossary and lead actors may get old fast.
  • The limit of just throwing metal detectors at these sites is like dipping your toe in the pool and going home saying you swam the ocean.  It is just not enough to recover the story!
  • The format feels like an “American Pickers” rip off.  It works well, there is something to be said about not reinventing the wheel, but it is just a bit too shallow of an approach to really depict what I feel is relic and treasure hunting.

The Savages

The Savages

I have only seen a few of these episodes but I am really enjoying the new more realistic format and having Ric and Rita along with their family out hunting together, how could they go wrong?



  • Small Family Business depicted and we need more of this!  Love it!
  • Women hunting Relic and Treasure!  Rita rocks it.


  • It is still a Spike TV over the top show and each of their productions have the same pyrotechnics and attract a specific audience.  Not for everyone, but I enjoy it.
  • Still focused on the MONEY and not the STORY


Honestly, all 3 of these shows have been great successes.  My hat is off to them and honestly, there is not a lot that I can complain about with them.  They are all entertaining and they are doing what YOU and I can’t do at this time.  They are reaching an enormous audience and doing what they love.

My advice to those that put down these shows is to remind them that this is still America, put your money where your mouth is and create something better rather than tearing down what others have invested their total Temerity into bringing forth to entertain a massive audience.

If it is entertaining and done well, I will even watch it!



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