Stone Fish Effigy Found on 4 acres of private Land Near Kensington Runestone Park Reveals more

dolphin stone effigy

I did not realize this until this next break through until just recently.  It is research season here at the Grizzly Groundswell headquarters, I am in my Grizzly Den and I am reviewing the finds and clues I have documented in 2012.

I am even going through the Kensington site finds although that site always opens up old wounds that never seem to heal.  But the other day I was looking at the gps layout of the stone fish effigy I discovered on the 4 acres of private land that is just North East and adjacent to the temple mound hill that is shared with the Olaf Ohman farmstead.

I realized that the stones not only plot out a fish effigy but also give us more signs, symbols and code clues to the giant KGC cache site that blankets Minnesota if not this entire nation.  Do you see the cross?  If you do, tell me where is this cross pointing?  Also, do you see the “33”?  Now how about the “Y” that comprises the fish effigies tale?

Well, I am not going to reveal any more at this time.  However, for the layman these are signs, symbols and code for Outlaw Cache as well as Ancient treasure.  The only way to tell the difference is to dig up the historic story then share it.  If you live anywhere here in Minnesota, you are sure to catch the trail, just look in your Grizzly Backyard!

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