Life is funny

Some days you just have to laugh at the shit people do around you.  It keeps you young and it is a nice break in the day.

I am enjoying my research season and having some really great break through’s.  Late last night I spent a lot of time figuring out the Township, Range, and sections.  There is something very curious about how everything is laid out.  It is more curious where the prime meridian and baseline intersect here in Minnesota as compared to the triangular holes in stones that blanket this region.  “This shit is starting to make a lot of sense” was the exact phrase I heard me telling myself late last night.

Then today I noticed that the sentinels and goofs are hard at it in their own little ways.  More power to them.  It gave me a great reason to smile and chuckle to myself.  I guess we are all out there trying to make something happen and that is a good thing, whatever it may be.  I am just enjoying the time spent diving deeper into these mysteries that are now making a whole lot of sense rather than just bringing about a million more questions.

It is going to be a good year as it already has been, and is looking up.  The restructuring has been a success and many fruitless burdens have been laid aside to allow me the creative time to research and soon with Spring coming hunt to my hearts delight.

I pray your research season is going as well as mine.  I can’t wait to see what we uncover this year!  Please remember to share your finds, tips, and insight in Temerity Magazine!

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