How is your research season going?

My research season is finally getting started here and just like hunt season, it seems there are new discoveries each day.  Life Happens, as it always does and Daisy our pup who we almost lost yesterday is re-cooperating and making a fine recovery so I can get back to the research here.

The most exciting resource find this research season has been the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps.

Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 : Minnesota

Title: Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 : Minnesota
Description: Sanborn fire insurance maps are the most frequently consulted maps in both public and academic libraries. Sanborn maps are valuable historical tools for urban specialists, social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, local historians, planners, environmentalists and anyone who wants to learn about the history, growth, and development of American cities, towns, and neighborhoods. This collection covers Minnesota towns and cities from 1867-1970.
Access URL:

These maps are fantastic!  Yet, finding the archived county assessor files would be a miracle!  As the sites I am hunting are not covered with the Sanborn Maps.  Although looking at these maps, I am tempted to choose a few ideal sites for this next year, especially for the Probing History TV Show Concept.

So how is your research season going?  Are you having success in finding sites to recover their stories in 2013?

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